Tomorrow night, Friday the 15th, I’ll be DJing at a party with Gang Gang Dance @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg. GGD is great. I have a lot of new music to unleash. This should be fun.


on Saturday night…. DUTTY ARTZ is organzing a Haitian aid relief party.

As Matt explains: We’ve decided to throw a last-minute benefit show to help make a financial contribution to the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti. If you’ve followed this at all it is an absolutely harrowing, horrible catastrophe that has befallen a place that was already a very difficult place to live for many people. The show is in only two days so PLEASE email this to your friends in New York, put it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. and help us get the word out. We as DJs will not be taking any payment from this and the proceeds will be donated to charity. We are currently seeking expert advice on who to donate it to, suggestions are welcome.


DJs: DJ Rupture Matt Shadetek Lamin Fofana Feliz Cumbe

THIS Saturday 1/16 10PM Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery $10 (more is welcome). All proceeds donated to Haitian relief

5 thoughts on “GGD + TROPICAL RELIEF”

  1. I was at this show, in town visiting friends from southern Louisiana. I hadn’t enjoyed a DJ set that much in a very long type. Mad props!

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