Mexico. Texas.

The reason our borders are so policed is because they don’t exist at all.

thank you, Austin!! big shout to Turntable Records, where I picked up some fine sounds. Clearly one of the great American music stores. On the counter they have Screwed & Chopped DVDs, Mariachi flicks, and Harmony Korine’s Gummo for sale.

the first of these 3 songs is a classic from Colombia. The second two are AV8-style cumbia-booty mixes emerging out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texamexico.

Armando Hernandez y su Cunjunto – La Zenaida (from Cumbia Cumbia)


? – Tocando Palmas RMX (from Lucky Kumbias vol. 1)


Funk E (aka El Buki) – Tussle (from Super Cumbia Bros. vol. 1)

5 thoughts on “TU FRUTO ME SABE A CUMBIA”

  1. I’m not sure I understand; do they sell screwed and chopped versions of “Gummo”?

  2. wow, that would be strange. but no, the S&C vids are all rap videos & concert footage, placed right next to other movies from vastly different categories, ie gummo, mariachi, and so forth. its so great b/c the store only has about 20 dvds for sale.

  3. wow, more of dat kumbia-krunk, pease!!
    the funk e track is hilarious! love that accordion!
    lets hear some kumbia-grime!
    polka-krunk anybody?
    cheers jace!

  4. I discovered it through a good columbian radio show in Toulouse and heard it then in Ecuador on a market. I brought it back to Paris and play every time I can: la Zenaida rocks all dancefloor !! A very good choice !

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