saturday april 28th, catch me at a FREE PARTY @ Brooklyn’s Southpaw.

Major Stars, Flaming Fire, Jonathan Kane’s February, DJ /rupture.

somebody’s gotta squeeze in the Mims & rai & grubstep whitelabels between all those sweaty guitar-toting bands, right?

(is it weird that i think it’s weird to be playing in Park Slope?)


when i first walked into Twisted Village, years ago now, i was like woah and when i went the cash register with Edgard Varèse and Merzbow LPs, Kate said “good customer!”

years later DJ C & I played with Wayne & Kate — Major Stars — at Ft. Thunder, and it turns out that they are major stars.


I’m on dodgy wi-fi right now with a weird spherical cat that lunges from behind the monitor to attack my fingers and keyboard, so this needs to be quick:

for audio treats, interviews, and kool coverage of various decentertainment cultural offerings, Spannered looks promising. Perched somewhere between online mag & group blog, with the added twist of a llama fetish. They host, among other things, a live Filastine set from our summer Soot party, Kode9 on the d-word & landing it in the soundtrack of that ‘the sterile world needs Mother Africa’ movie starring Clive Owen (a unanimously hot actor according to my peer group). The first episode of their ‘Oddcast‘ series contains a track i stuck together with sticks wire and glue, not to mention splinter from Jenny’s cello, called Grit. My favorite remix! The Spannered folk sound an open call for contributors.

Fans of Russian edge literature and/or the dystopia novel will be pleased to learn that Quieto lent me Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We today. Евге́ний Ива́нович Замя́тин. Can’t wait!

In TOP SECRET news i’m remixing a band and their new song is tremendously good… already. What’s a poor DJ to do? Usually a remix invite means ‘make my music better’ but if the song is already deadly its a big honor and the game must be stepped up additional notches.