Gregory Whitehead on ‘Radio Poetics, Interference, and

But at least within the edgelands of analog broadcast, the curious and hungry listener can still find refuge in the dank cosmic electromud squeezed between signals or smudged at the far ends of the dial: the intrinsic poetry of the medium is still safe, and easily accessed, no matter who or what is on the air.

speaking of electromud… me on WFMU last night:

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I’ve been in the game a minute, and if there’s one thing that great bands do, it is cultivate a community. Not fans or “friends”, or “followers” –  I mean something much more basic, humane; the point of a stage is not to climb up & grin in the spotlight but use it to communicate (and create) us, our little vulnerable selves and the power that happens when we gather, talk, dance, build. How else we gonna survive? Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a very good case in point.

Bands are social microcosms, little mobile ways of being — if it’s just turning up to 11 and getting wasted on beer each night, you may as well be writing the history of ice.

Find us playing this weekend. Many friends gathering.





“We are all only temporary curators of our present bodies, which will all decay, sooner or later. In a hundred years or so all the humans currently alive will have died. I take great comfort in knowing, with certainty, that thing that makes us special, able to enrich our own lives and those of others, will not cease when our bodies do but will be just starting a new (and hopefully even better) adventure … ” –  Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson

RIP Sleazy.

Coil was great. I can’t really explain it here. Just returned to NYC after a productive absence but today is one of those “days” where I’m “home” for less than 24 hours. His post–  post–  Throbbing Gristle project X-TG was slated to play at the GY!BE ATP this weekend, we were looking forward to that…

although his work that really opened my young self up was Coil.

Red Slur is the first Coil song I ever heard. Sometime in high school, these 3 minutes made an indelible impression. It remains one of my favorite songs.


Coil – Red Slur (from Gold Is The Metal With The Broadest Shoulders)

I loved that they could be honestly, truly creepy…


Coil – The First Five Minutes After Death (from Horse Rotorvator)

…and then go “pop.”


Coil – The Snow (from Love’s Secret Domain)