I was semi-delirious during last night’s radio show, but I hope you can’t tell… Kicked things off with new material by the Durutti Column and floated upwards from there. Subtext: listening to the silences between Buenaventura Durrutti and Downliners Sekt. Three cheers for Spanish anarchists & their spiritual children.

In fact, it’s worth quoting Downliners Sekt talking about the Portbou train station . Where European infrastructure standards conflict with Spanish ones – but what the passengers get is pure existential pause-button edits. I know that station well, and love the idea of music visions & postrave oblivion flowing from it.

FACT:Where does your name come from?

Downliners Sekt: “Well, originally it was a 1956 song called ‘Down The Line’ by Roy Orbison [also covered by Jerry Lee Lewis], then eventually used and modified by an obscure British band as Downliners Sect. We sampled the name from them because we thought it sounded great. Also, it has a special meaning that connects all of us to Portbou. Portbou is a train station that gets you in a really weird mood especially if you happen to stop there after raving “under the spinning lights” of Barcelona clubs all weekend. This place has a very Twin Peaks oppressive atmosphere. It’s the changing point between Spanish and French railway networks, and once you get there everything slows down for the customs check between borders. Because since 1845 the Iberian railway gauge has been 233 millimeters wider that the European gauge, the train has to undergo a break-of-gauge before crossing the border. It feels like time stands still in the town and Portbou, almost imperceptibly, shrinks by 233 millimeters. The sect of ravers trapped in oblivion, “down the line” in Portbou. Since then, when we feel a bit down, we kindly use the expression: “en descente de Portbou” — which means “going down the line from Portbou.”

tracklist from May 9, 2011 Mudd Up!
Durutti Column Requiem Again Vini Reilly Kookydisc
Downliners Sekt Hockey Nights In Canada
Panda Bear Slow Motion Tomboy Paw Tracks
DJ Lengua LA Jungla Cruzando Discos Unicornio
Russian Strange Face Instrumental
Chan Dizzy Strange Face
Adele x Jamie XX vs Cecile, Mr Lexx & Timberlee Rolling In The Heat (Heatwave refix) shouts 2 Heatwave crew LDN
Jay Weed Prism Prism / The Naos 502
Vladislav Delay Quartet Santa Teresa Vladislav Delay Quartet Honest Jons
White Horse Sewn Shut The Revenant Gospels
Africa Hitech Do U Wanna Fight 93 Million Miles Warp
Tabuley Rochereau Africa Fiesta National Afrolatin Via Kinsasha Discograph
? (Moroccan) ? from Chaabi 2010 MP3 CD (Casablanca)
Hajib A Laghzal (Marsaoui) Fesmaatic Presente Fesmaatic
Downliners Sekt Rising Saudade Meet the Decline Disboot


  1. Swk — noted! I’ll make a correction + play another Africa Hitech tune next week.

  2. ha! just listening to the podcast from this date and came to make the same correction as swk.

    also – although Steve Spacek and Mark Pritchard were both born in the UK, they seem to be based out of Sydney now. We are blessed to have them.

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