FATH ALLAH LAMGHARI فتح الله المغاري

A special shukran goes to Jared, who is translating song info! With his help we learn that this gorgeous tune by Moroccan singer فتح الله المغاري Fath Allah Lamghari is called رجال الله “Men of God”. This classic (’70s?) version can be found on an album of the same name. Below, a video clip demonstrates what happens when the trusty melody and his toupee get a teevee glitz overhaul.
[audio:https://negrophonic.com/mp3/01 Fath Alah Lamghari – Rijal Allah (Men of God).mp3]
فتح الله المغاري Fath Alah Lamghari – رجال الله Men of God

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  1. The original is the dope. The video reminds me that the only thing worse than yankee TV production is it’s distorted refraction from elsewhere.

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