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words by jace.

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vinyl rescue service


here & here

rock-ish albums in abundance, some quality selections. [via]

from the latter, more specialized list: Silver Mt Zion's He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace The Corners Of Our Rooms is highly recommended, as is their recent album, Horses in the Sky. (who among us shall avenge miss nina simone?)

am i accelerating a process that will lead to my demise (as a musician who sells music from time to time) by linking to caches of pirated albums? probably not...

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 Now streaming: the Sick Girls radio show. they say : "lots of charming technical problems, great tunes, silly talk and two brilliant performances by our beloved guests mc passion, mc divine, dj maxximus and dj /rupture."

the radio people describe it as (according to GoogleTranslate): "post office-colonial Dekonstruktionsdebatten.... educating measures against the hegemony of the eurocentric white-male-middleclass-4/4 of clock."  ////  informal future booty

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mega Mego post @ Wirewool.

this reminds me: i still havent posted about Carsten Nicolai's shiny chrome polyhedron. the straightfaced collision of high art, kitsch, and government subsidies fascinates me.


also - David Banner's Get Money ft. Yola the Great [via]

 rugged 'intimate club' industry diss track. every artist/label split should result in a banging single. imagine a Mego/Pita diss track by Fennesz!

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Saturday 29 July 2006 at 1:56 pm

G Scruggs has been quietly assembling what appears to be the best blog on Brazilian funk carioca. MP3s, thoughtful entries, and the fresh-eyed enthusiasm of an outsider working his way in. Plus, he's armed with Maga Bo's Rio de Janeiro rolodex.


as i said
before, "favela architecture -- improvised, informal, ramshackle, perilous -- is as interesting as the music or maybe moreso." So i hope Scruggs keeps squinting at Rio's cityspace this summer. The future may be a violent tangle but even that tangle will have its bloom. Urbanist Jorge Mario Jauregui maintains a useful list of Rio favela architecture articles in a variety of languages.


good news: the computer is back (sort of) and functional (mostly). so here's some re-uppage, as per yr requests. Enjoy. Play loud, share, proselytize, mix, rewind:


would you care to share something else which falls under the "extremely beautiful" category?

a strong candidate:

Cymande - Dove

A classic jam for hiphop heads & funk cratediggers, especially after The Fugees sampled its intro... Cymande probably isn't so well known outside of that world, so hopefully their Black London funk/jazz 'Nyah-Rock' is new to many:

Dove comes from their self-titled 1972 LP, reissued as LP and CD. I found an original-pressing Cymande album in Istanbul among stacks of italo-disco and 80s Turkish pop. Didn't cost very much.


then someone slotted mbira-player Stella Chiwesi in the "hauntingly beautiful" category. not asking for a re-post, just saying I really enjoy this one. For a more electronic-ified African sound in the "hauntingly beautiful" category, I suggest the Uthando Luphelili dub mix of Madosini's Nozimanga.

When i see "dub mix" of roots African music, i think 'Bill Laswell' and cringe a little -- years ago someone in The Wire described some 'world' music wilting under "the homogenizing influence of Laswell's dub bass" -- but whoever did this mix really nailed it. The music breathes, its strange Xhosa beauty intact. I've upped Madosini before but the tipoff came from
Benn Loxo Du Taccu. Hypnotic was his adjective.


Madosini - Nozimanga (Uthando Luphelili Dub)


you had a roll deep track up that i've since lost, can't remember the riddim but it was wiley, it was tough and in his own words 'straight off the lappy..'

i think you're thinking of -

Wiley - U Ain't Real

I didn't post this one (whatsup T-Woc) but linked to an early radio rip of it. U Aint Real, from Da 2nd Phaze. Here's what I wrote about 2nd Phaze da first time around. Wiley manifests his genius by giving a whole new movement and rhythm to the bassline in this one.


those programme tracks you up'd way back when. re-up those please. the computer i d/led those to crashed since. and i think one of the two might work great on this comp im making for someone... that keak da sneak 'oh girl' song would be awesome too. sorry for being all 'gimme gimme'


the Programme is temporarily missing. we're good for mr Keak though:

Keak the Sneak - Oh Girl

The entry that contains this mp3 is one of my personal favorites: "The Chortze Republic lies in a small, steep enclave to the south-west of the porn sites, adjoining the frontier with Microsoft. It is inhabited by semi-nomadic surfers, who do their best to preserve their traditions linked to agrarian rites and shamanism. As elsewhere in the Internet, the men sometimes practice downloading, but they are above all kaichi, specialists in epic poems and songs of praise." (continue)


Monday 24 July 2006 at 9:24 pm dear collective intelligencers: have any of you done one of Janet Cardiff's audio walks? and how was it?

 i'm curious about them at the level of sound-art and as stumbling-around-the-city experience.  also wondering about others who have taken the idea and run with it... feel free to email if commenting aint your thing.


Friday 21 July 2006 at 3:44 pm

the mp3 is really quiet but: here you go 'A minimalistic improvisation by Lebanese trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj 'duetting' with the Israeli Air Force as it bombards Mazen's home city of Beirut. Recorded by Kerbaj on the balcony of his flat in Beirut on the night of 15/16 July 2006.' silence, space, explosion, boredom, scuffling -- the psychoacoustics of modern conflict.


Hometown love at the Nettle & Khalid Bennaji show last night. Hugs to everyone who came out. (11 hours after the show we were in the studio, recording...)

Haven't ripped new vinyl in awhile (BEATS) so i'll do that soon. until then, here's a followup to the Matar Muhammad post. Seb Catlitter gave me this 3 years ago. it's quite nice. acoustic Imazighen music, spot-on performances, out of print now but available as paid downloads. i've had this on heavy rotation.

the first song is a solo taqsim which flows into the second, the 13-minute Suite Lothar, an accelerating amble of strings, voice, percussion.

Les Musiciens De L'Atlas - Taqsim

Les Musiciens De L'Atlas - Suitar Lothar

I don't believe the Berber musicians call themselves (in French!) The Musicians of the Atlas, but that's how they're marketed by Buda Musique, that's how they become visible, in a sense, to the record buyer.

In order to own it, I have to understand label it? Or the other way around? Not sure. Trying to theorize from a place of little or no cashflow.


for more outernational words, Maga Bo's generous Kolleidosonic provides summer reading -- an easygoing blend of travelogue and music production thoughts. On being booed offstage in Zanzibar. More questions than answers, more anecdotes than proclamations, you'll notice I can't quote Sontag because Against Interpretation is in the other room and it is too humid to move. Plant weather!


Wednesday 19 July 2006 at 08:00 am  

if you are in Barcelona tomorrow (thurs. july 20) , i suggest that you come to the Nettle concert. Our first hometown show. A special one-off set with guest Khalid Bennaji on lead vocals and guembri. Nettle significa ortiga en Castellano.

new (imazighen) songs shall be sung!

concert starts promptly at 9:30. 2.50€ entry, CCCB.

>>El productor norteamericano de música electrónica Jace Clayton (conocido como DJ /rupture), la violonchelista escocesa Jenny Jones y el multiinstrumentista de Marruecos Abdel Hak forman el trío Nettle. Aplicando la rítmica y la tecnología contemporáneas a la música del norte de África, Nettle entienden la fusión con las músicas de raíz de una forma propia y libre de los habituales clichés de la “world music”. Hace cuatro años publicaron el álbum “Build a Fort, Set That On Fire”, y su segundo disco está previsto para el próximo año. Aunque los tres músicos viven en Barcelona, éste será su primer concierto en la ciudad.

El cantante Khali Bennaji nació en Marruecos pero vive en Perpiñán, donde forma parte del grupo Al-Azhar. Con ellos mezcla la música gnawa con el jazz y toca músicas populares de su país. En Barcelona ha actuado con Abdeljalil Kodssi del grupo Nass Marrakech, y ésta será su primera colaboración con Nettle.<<


Tuesday 18 July 2006 at 12:44 pm

Matar, in Spanish, means to kill. It's the infinitive form, action holding its breath, unassigned possibility, a space between heartbeats.


Buzuq, in Arabic, refers to an instrument outside the classical repertoire, embraced by gypsies from Syria and Lebanon. The word derives from the Turkish başıbozuk -- a name applied to Ottoman army irregulars -- meaning uprooted, corrupted head, disorderly. The bashi-bazouk combined brutality with recklessness in a prescient mercenarism.

Matar Muhammad, a dead Lebanese man, played the buzuq exceedingly well.

Matar Muhammad - Taqsîm, maqâm Bayât al-nawâ

* * *

Look Aduna for a quality cache of Mandinka music & Malian superstars in concert. Google trans here.


Monday 10 July 2006 at 08:32 am  
  • tomorrow, july 11th, i'll be Rupturing in Mallorca -- special show @ a theater space with visual artist Daniel Perlin on live video.

  • friday july 14th, Nettle performs at Amsterdam's 5DaysOff festival, Paradiso. with Ryoji Ikeda, Lillevan & Vladislav Delay, and the Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble (Kilimanjaro is to Bong-Ra as Nettle is to Rupture. breakcorey people have formed non-dance bands.) Perlin, fresh from the Whitney Museum's ISP, will join us on Nettle video ("slower! darker! more boring!" i say, and he gamely complies)

  • before my laptop hard drive died yesterday, it made a horrible horrible screaming/screeching noise -- quite literally the sound of mechanical error grinding all my information into dust. Ouch. Big ouch. Turns out you can run Linux off a CD, don't even need a hard disk. Who knew? Thanks Knoppix! So i've plunged into penguin world for a minute, at least until i can get a replacement drive and/or the Mac proselytizers convert me.

  • people ask: do you know Serhat? i say yes and they say good. Do you know Serhat? 2/5 BZ? sounds like Türkçe Sözlü Nanarchist Müzik, and, like everybody else, he has just moved his art slash propaganda output to MurdochSpace with downloadable tracks.

    (Do you realize how much information MySpace generates? who likes what and how much and when and how old and what colors even and the connections and the geographic locations and the songs' popularity and the nodal points and the hotspots and whatever -- someone will get very very wealthy selling that information to interested companies from record labels to clothing manufacturers to TV people to... Ad revenue is old school; meta-data is the new petroleum. thanks to dp.)

  • Re-Up Gang: are there any tracks I've posted that you missed and would like to see briefly online again? Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. the moral of the story is don't sleep.



Thursday 06 July 2006 at 11:20 am

           You heard the one about the scorpion and the frog?

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, "How do I know you won't sting me?" The scorpion says, "Because if I do, I will die too."

The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp "Why?"

      The scorpion replies: "It is my nature..."

  *   *    *

        There are several things to learn from this fable.

One: animals can talk to each other. If human scientists devoted more time to unlocking the mysteries of inter-animal communication and spent less time building fancy weapons to use and sell, then many conflicts could be avoided. Since scorpions have no vocal cords, you think: telepathy, and you may be right.

Two: It is possible to feel the absence of feeling ("the frog feels the onset of paralysis"). Although frogs can breath air and water, their chosen metaphor for dealing with mortality is drowning -- which, as a species, they only experience second-hand, at an uncanny and amphibious step of remove, watching other creatures succumb to the river's cold water.

Herodotus alluded to certain unorthodox interpretations of this fable which cast the frog's mortal feeling of no-feeling as a register of empathy (Greek empatheia, literally: passion) for inert objects such as chocolate bars or computers. Herodotus' status as a prevaricator and a plagiarist do not lessen the acuity of this scholarship. Unlike our telepathic insect, he was sponsored by the Greek goddess of victory.

Three: It is the scorpion that pulls humanity down. If you yourself are not a scorpion, or if you are a scorpion but are afraid of water and/or rivers, then you are still unable to play every move of every game in the cooperation zone, because sooner or later you will meet a scorpion. A real scorpion. They don't all need to cross the river. Many live in arid or semi-arid areas where unpolluted water is scarce; the law partner who made a successful motion to cut my draw, forcing my resignation from a law firm, suffered the symbolic fate of the scorpion when the firm's biggest client (the one I alone knew how to service) left as a result, and the firm folded like the legs of a dead scorpion. Yeats' judgment that "things fall apart, the center cannot hold", because "the worst are full of passionate intensity" is a recognition of the fact that scorpions are real


Monday 03 July 2006 at 09:36 am
  • Altruism alert! After sitting quietly in my right-column for months the Mudd Up! Tip Jar finally got used! Big love to S-- D--, the first person to donate. You are a superhero.

    Appreciate the muddy worldview? Well, you could paypal too... it's setup so that all donations go towards webhosting fees and nothing else, i.e. I can't use the money to pay for soup or hotdogs or health insurance premiums.


  • Outsource Alert! I left a comment on W&W's fascinatin' mumblepost.
    Blackmail & I left comments on Sherburne's blog too, and those were hot, but they have vanished. Inquiring minds are working to find 'em. So much thought sinks into the bogs, sinks out of sight forever. ///  EDIT -- Philip Sherburne's piece and our comment-age are back online.

  • Soot Alert! Timeblind's Ghostification EP is out now in Ye Olde Europe. Mailorder spots Boomkat & Warpmart got that bass; bug yr local shop if they dont...