just dont mess with Tejanos…


“Chingo Bling made all his money from tamales,” says Chingo Bling, referring to himself in the 3rd-person with generous objectivity. “All the piece and chains, the toe wear, the ostriches, the custom Versaces with the Virgin Mary. You can’t make all that off of CDs alone, you gotta have something else going on.”

Chingo Bling – HipHop Got Deported

Sabor Kolombia blend (Cumbia Caliente mix CD)

cooked up from their Bota y Tambo, among other ingredients.


DJ C in bass science / studio demystification mode! this is so generous & great, check his sound.


69 grime riddims in 60 minutes!

yes please. The latest blogariddims installment booms out, Low End Spasm style. Although the mostly-instrumental grime mix inspires a bit of nostalgia at hearing ‘old’ tunes, the material is undeniably alive and simply buzzing with plastic youth energy.

top-notch liner notes to boot: “Some of Grime’s similarities to punk are debatable, but this one isn’t one of them: both genres boast a semi-lost treasure trove of incredible TRANSIENCE, one-of-a-kind tracks by young producers, many of whom only made records for six months of their lives before slipping away from music, back into everyday London life. . . And unlike established disciplines like House, these beats dare to challenge the dancefloor with pauses, gaps and other idiosyncrasies that don’t rely on the escapist hypnotic effects of a continuous matrix of 4×4 kicks. This freewheeling creativity is the product of music creators with no-one to answer to.”