another free Nettle concert! This Thursday, Feb. 10th, at Williamsburg’s Zebulon. solo guitarist Piers Faccini has an early set (9pm) then my band of musicians and noisemakers takes over, with DJ Lamin Fofana providing bumps btwn Nettle’s two sets. Our cellist lands in JFK at 6pm and heads straight to the venue, making the Paris-Zebulon run just 4 u.

A nice review of our last Zebulon set wrote that: “Trails of bass would waft from Arnold’s cello, Cuff’s occasional vocals were wrapped in scifi textures, and unidentifiable sounds clung to the air around them.”

Our new website asks little and answers even less.

click here (el maldito feisbu) if you’d like to let the CIA know you’re coming to Zebulon.

Nettle’s next show after tomorrow’s FREE one is a Sahel women’s group benefit show with Malian singer Khaïra Arby and costs $15 – plan accordingly! details soon.

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