The worst part of last night’s radio show was having to wade through all the crazies down by the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.


DJ Negro Demencia Bersa Discos #7 Bersa Discos
Dr Hans Vicekopf Principia Schizophonica Principia Schizophonica / How To Pronounce Prothesis RRRecords
Prefuse 73 The Only Way To Find feat. Nico Turner The Only She Chapters Warp
Tirudel Zenebe Gue Ililta!: New Ethiopian Dance Music Terp
Atropolis NYChero Atropolis Dutty Artz
Estrella Sanchez & World Hood Indigenous 808 (Sonora remix)
Stagga & Monkey The Chilski The Warm Air Room Rag & Bone
Anne-James Chaton Barack Obama Evenement 09 Raster-Noton
Spooky (Slew Dem) Murderer
Dotstar Dutty Artz Dubplate!
Jalal El Hamdaoui Marjana DJ Amine Presente Maghrebi Mix Party Fassiphone
Hamdouia Mama Hiyani
Bakr N’Reserve Wenelhagha DJ Amine Presente Maghrebi Mix Party Fassiphone
East Connection We’re Ready (Wiley’s Devil Mix)
Tracy Chapman Behind The Wall Tracy Chapman


  1. Tirudel Zenebe Gue Ililta!: New Ethiopian Dance Music Terp

    This was great! How do we get this? Particularly in a way that the money for the CD or whatever goes to her?

  2. Maybe it’s a good moment to re-edit your Bin Scrape Laden 12″, don’t you think so?

  3. yes! its true. was just thinking that yesterday. 11 years later….

  4. Hey Jace!

    I just wanted to let you know I find you a real inspiration, the music you play, the way you play it, and your philosophy behind it all resonate with me. Keep it up please!

    Ps. if you have the time/wanted to reply to a college kid anyway, Id love to hear how you got started out in music…and what youd reccomend such a kid do to `follow in your proverbial footsteps`…i dont have that much money, all i know is my favourite thing in the world is showing people new music. Be that the Bhundu Boys, Bert Jansch or Bob Dylan.

    either way. keep it up please!

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