As I tweeted yesterday: I seek a production assistant for my WFMU radio show. Must live in the NYC area, have monday nights free, & be radiant. #mudd.

Radio is all about radiance, at both a technical & spiritual level, right? Waves spreading, modulating… I’m looking for someone with wide open ears. Who believes in radio and has (or can fake) basic audio editing skills (like find the swear in the rap song and reverse it). Familiarity with the show is pretty important. Mudd Up! has an illustrious list of graduates, such as OG intern Taliesin (before there was Dutty Artz there was Tally helping out on the show!) and Lamin Fofana…

All WFMU DJs volunteer their time, and the station maintains its magical independence by being almost entirely listener funded, which means: your generosity will be rewarded, just not with money, which is the root of all evil.

[Rupture at WFMU’s Studio A, photo by Wayne and Wax]

If you are interested, please answer these 3 questions — Use this form to send in your responses, and make sure to type in your email correctly. Thanks!


1. Why do you want to help out on the show?
2. Please list 5 artists that Rupture doesn’t play on his show, but should.
3. What is your experience with radio and/or audio production?

and last but not least — Last night’s show is now streaming! STAY MUDDY.

tracklist: Continue reading MUDD UP RADIO: PRODUCTION ASSISTANT