6 thoughts on “RECENT BATTLE”

  1. i expected this to be a vogue battle, with the word “battle” in it. when i originally saw footwork/juking all i could think of was vogueing, but with feet rather than hands/bodies. similar thought when i first saw kuduro dancing.

    this one’s for the banjee cunts!!!

  2. Watching this made me long for the grace and free flowing dance moves of the early 90’s underground hip hop battles. Now I say with pride, thank god I’m old and not up on some of this Crump/Freak dance bullshit.

  3. @sl

    it’s nice to know things are right in the world and the kids keep right on annoying the grown folk


    i don’t know who’s who but homie in the white shirt is nice with his.

  4. first bit reminded me of kuduro, too… love that solid still torso dancing. but dude in white shirt is hot with the glide right off the bat.

    and lol @ matt… sl is def. “old man yelling at clouds” there. up the freak dancing!

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