my alter-ego, Jace Clayton, will be performing a free ‘special all-Cumbia set’ in Brooklyn a few Wednesdays from now. Gowanus guacharaca! September 16, Treehouse @ Littlefield. An all-cumbia set is the sort of thing that only makes sense in my hometown, so come on through…


3 thoughts on “TREEHOUSE!”

  1. hw – do you live in nyc? last time a friend wanted to take lessons, he discovered that there weren’t any places in the city offering Catalan classes! if you can travel, best to go anywhere in Cataluyna except Barcelona (Girona for example) for most immersion.

  2. thanks for the advice! i’m near nyc, and i’ve found that there are now classes at columbia and nyu (i think recently added), but that’s about it. the immersion method sounds like it is definitely best, but for myself it might be a catch-22: i want to go to catalunya so i can learn to speak catalan, but i probably need to speak catalan in order to get a job in catalunya (especially outside barcelona). how would you go about pursuing that if you were me? i have an academic background in international relations and in english literature, and although i don’t plan to practice law i will have a JD by this coming spring.

    i’ve been told that catalan is similar to both spanish and latin. is that accurate? i have a strong background in latin, but i don’t speak spanish, so given the lack of catalan classes around here i’ve opted to do an intensive spanish program, hoping that will make catalan easier to learn a year or two from now, when i can go to catalunya.

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