This month I am spending more time in transit (airplane, bus, taxi, car, subway) or waiting for transit than in my apartment… Nettle @ Brandeis was a blast — a very full schedule too. Bostonist review of live show .


[three fifths of Nettle @ an impromptu concert, from W&W flickr]

Filastine, who joined us on percussion, plays in Boston tonite. Free!

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thanks to all who ordered K-K-Kumbia. there’s been a bit of a lag, but CDs will be sent off today if they havent already gone out.

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& elsewhere, my dutty associates have been upping mixes nonstop, all in prep for a party we are throwing with weekend. I’ll be in D.F. but the rest of the gang is uniting @ Glasslands in Williamsburg for:

and here are the various mixes, all of these DJs will be @ the Dutty ARtz party this friday:

Matt Shadetek – Get Drunk & Lose Your Phone

+ + +

Kingdom – mix 4 Lower End Spasm

+ + +

Geko Jones – La Nueva Guaracha


  1. Nettle is a turntable-free organism…. no turntables were harmed in the making of this music… short answer: i’m running WINDOWS XP with ableton & reaktor and a bunch of midi stuff

  2. Just curious, I haven’t got the cds yet (its April 14th)… Just checking.

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