this Saturday New York, you’re invited to the opening of “Twentyfirst”, a group (art) show I’ve got a collaborative piece in.

Other artists include: Fritz Haeg – the greatest gardener of our time (no joke !), The Center For Land Use Interpretation, Haegue Yang, Rocío Rodríguez Salceda, Mariana Mogilevich, and more.

Twentyfirst @ the Silver Shed on 119th W. 25th st ph.

Says the gallery:

“Jace Clayton and Rocío Rodríguez Salceda’s collaborative piece takes on generic file attribution and authorship issues of obliterated audio & visual meta-data, reflecting on the potential of cumulative knowledge and the information ecology of memory, erasure, and the recirculating of digital cultural offerings via global formats of compressed data. Clayton is giving away a limited edition CD containing all of his commercially available audio – each bearing the same title (DJ_Rupture.mp3), as Rodríguez Salceda prints found images (all titled “foto_02.jpg”) on edible strips of rice paper, for public consumption. “

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