several people have asked so sure: if you want me to re-post any MP3, now is the time.

leave a re-up request in the comment section & i’ll see what i can do. (Mind you my laptop died a few months ago, taking lots of audio with it.)

fractal snowman

12 thoughts on “SNOWTIME”

  1. I’m embarrassed not to have dl’ed it before, but I;d love it if you could repost “Warm Heart Turns Cold” – it’s amazing. Also, if just that bassline is available, I’d love access to that as well. I have a couple ideas…



  2. How bout that Gnawa Diffusion tune that Trimski sampled? Beautiful song. Can’t find the CD anywhere…

  3. I’m clueless when it comes to this music so maybe u could do something like a best of section for us beginners with a top 10 (for ex) of the most popular or best tunes posted on here…

  4. You played a reggae track on your radio show titled “Militant” by Andrew Bees –Basic Channel reissue. Yep, an mp3 would be great, or at least play it again on the show.

  5. Not a re-post as such, but I would love any of the gnawa tapes you played on your WFMU show. Or any hints as to where to track down gnawa for sale or orderable in North America…

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