the thought of going from sea-level to 4 kilometers (13,500ft) up is a bit intimidating, but apart from that:

next Thursday Sonido Martines & I will be playing a show in La Paz, Bolivia. (Test presses of the Sonido Martines 12″ are now floating around London!)

And then I’ll be leading a 2-day hiphop production workshop for some young producers/MCs in El Alto. There’s a lively scene of indigenous kids rapping in Quecha & Aymara.

This free workshop is happening at radio station Wayna Tambo 101.7 fm, who are helping to promote the party. It should be lively, nobody knows quite what to expect… Also probably another fiesta in La Paz saturday night…
the following week we’ll head over to Lima for 3 more events, more in a bit.

also, NYC-side: tomorrow fri. nite Badawi is playing @ Dub War and Uproot Andy & Feliz Cumbe are playing at Bowery Poetry Club. I just received the new final Skull Disco /Shackleton 2-CD with remixes by Badawi, yrs truly, and a bunch of others and its got some great moments, Raz’s treatment is expansive… deep.

7 thoughts on “GIRA SUDAMERICA pt 1”

  1. greetings good luck wuth your show in la paz. just wanted to r=write to tell you not to get too worried about the altitude. the secret is to drink coca tea .coca leaf is a spiritual and medicinal indigenous plant . it is not cocaine as the babylon proganda sistem would like the public to believe.
    drink the tea and chew the leaves while you are there and you will be fine. works for me.
    IR crew

  2. greetings
    very cool those workshops for de yout in boliva. since you are on a conscious tip you should see if you can get a hold of this group mujeurs creando in la paz.they are indigenous anarchist women coming from a fierce anti patriachal bent..their writings are amazing
    check them
    Teléfono: 2413764 (en la paz bolivia)


    URL: y

    IR indigenous resistance crew

  3. gira en south america…
    Do you know Medellín, home of Discos Fuentes ?
    fancy to stop here some day?
    What about a concert / workshops there in 2009 / fiesta de la música ?

  4. i would looooove to go to Medellin. discos fuentes is/was incredible… lots of other places in colombia i would like to explore. ojala k se puede organizar algo, yo me apunto!!!

  5. hola j!
    i´m very interested in those workshops you mention. we are planning to do something similar: can you please give more info?
    local contact, outputs, feelings… basicamente: son realmente útiles o les quedan muy “lejos” de su realidad de La Paz?

    anyway, excellent job man. keep posting, searching and showing…
    saludos desde barna!

    ps: mujeres creando are amazing. also bol-ar in bs as.
    also, you should check (more) the bolivian community in buenos aires… big part of the cumbia sound comes from them.
    the last issue of the mu magazine was on bolivians in bs as


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