secret google keep codes



take country music which already seems psychedelic to the urban audio mind, add dramatic video effects, multiply by the bad-math pile-up of several compression codecs.

this is first Algerian Berber material i’ve posted here, all the other stuff has been Moroccan Berber. Clip Kabyle a top-notch videoblog for Kabyle pop. This next video comes to us from 1989, a few years before the videographers tamed their landscape with a sense of scale.

the clip below features the same artist, Hamidouche, in concert. Note the live mix levels: the rock drumkit is buried, you can’t even hear the cymbals. the galloping, tonal darbouka playing is foregrounded. it’s a nice alternative to standard rock sound-level conventions.

One thought on “ZOHRA”

  1. “secret google keep codes”
    This google fear that I see growing in real time,
    Really makes me wonder.
    I see it from so close, and it is weird.
    It is the first time that I can feel it:
    looking for ennemies

    I see the fear creating the danger

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