Taliban Trim Trimbal Trimothy Trim Trim Tcheroo’s new — first? — mixtape is real hot. It’s better than Wiley’s upcoming Big Dada album because a sizeable chunk of the heavyweight Wiley tunes on it were previously released, and Eskiboy’s always around, whereas Trim isn’t around nearly enough. Soul Food vol. 1 suggests that that will change. His leftfield nonchalance and confidently off-center flow come wrapped in quality beat production. Trim’s parameters are wide open.

Tall, Dark, and Gothic / oatmeal, dumplings, and porridge.

Includes a Turbulence-Notorious refix and the Radioclit chopped & screwed version of When Im Ere. Best grime CD in recent memory! Buyable. (if you’re gonna spend money on a CD, independently/self-released ones always a good place to start.)

Trimbal - Soulfood

cover artwork riffs on Wiley’s album title & 12 Monkeys which riffs on La Jetée, pulling us into French cinema & The Ectasy of Influence (a lively essay by Jonathan Lethem on plagiarism). At the same time, a photoshop filter softens & simplifies Trim’s face, contrast up. But enuff talk– time for a banger

Trimbal – Get With It

and here’s a short piece, staggering into triplet-time and the MCs dont stop

Trim – Wot (part 2) ft. Frisco & Proof

3 thoughts on “TALIBAN SOUL FOOD”

  1. Seriously big tunes. Great flow. “Eastender but not Dot Cotton”. Brilliant! (Dot Cotton for those not in the know is a character in the popular British soap Eastenders). 🙂

  2. “There’s heat in the kitchen, so I called the plumbers up, but they didn’t know no more than me. As dumb as fuck.”

    Funny flow, ruff production & bars of pure gold. Best grime i’ve heard in time. I want that cd. Nice post.

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