i’m waiting for the rice to cook, so, time for The Things I’ve Been Meaning To Say Roundup:

893 & I are looking for an intern/volunteer to help us build a… thing in the internets. Basic MySql and Php skills are needed. Tech wizards are welcome. It will be fun and not too complicated. NYC-based is good but not crucial. file under: net-art, data analysis, search engine deoptimization, clicktrail shacks, the psychology behind decision-making. interested? email muddup at fea dot st.


DJ C’s new blog is awesome. Mashit, Jake, mash it up! Below, a rare paparazzi shot of DJ C emerging from his pink Lamborghini:



I’ll be playing in Austin TX in 2 weeks. can y’all tell me about the good record shops? i’m esp interested in Texan rap & latin / mexican music. Below, a rare paparazzi shot of DJ Rupture as he scratches on a turntable made of paint fumes.




& then there’s Woofah, a great new zine from London (dissensus-scented, they tell me) focusing on reggae grime & dubstep – that sweet bassy space. Lots of interviews (Skepta, Iration Steppas, Pinch); one of my fav music writers, Simon Hampson, in longform; plus the general not-needing-electricty aspect of a real zine. f$ck a blog, let’s xerox!



if Simon’s grime optimism ain’t infectious enough, i suggest you try Anger Is A Gift, a powerful mixtape by Prancehall, with some next-level specials (Ce’Cile!) & dubplates on it, not to mention southern US rap. I slept on this one but wow.


  1. to be your i.t.,
    but i have less special skills,
    than N. Dynamite.

    Damn! Had the good fortune to hear an amazing piece of vinyl the other day featuring the voice of Uma Sumac. Wondering if in your sonic omnexcellence whether you might know if her sounds live anywhere online… and if you’ve ever reworked her voice. She’s in that realm verging on Diamand Galasiousness. as in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    boo yah kah shah. 😉

  2. Record stores in Austin, huh? There is one in South Austin called Friends of Sound that has a lot of vinyl of various kinds. That is, to the best of my knowledge the nearest proper DJ-oriented shop. Antones has some good stuff and Waterloo is a good look, they tend to go out of their way to promote Texas music. I think that Rapid Ric would be the best person to talk to, in terms of Texas rap. I am really looking forward to the show, I can barely contain myself.

  3. J,

    AMODA is great. They’re the only crew putting on progressive, electronic shows in Austin. I can recommend Music Mania for Texas Rap (, and for Mexican music, I’m sure there are a few shops down Cesar Chavez. This page has a good list of Austin record stores ( But, in case you’ve never been, go to Guero’s, El Chile, Chuy’s or Las Manitas for delicious Mexican food. Damn, I miss the food. Where can I get some good tacos al carbon in NY?

    PS Have you heard dalek’s remix for this Austin instrumental band called My Education? Slow, melodic, dirty. It’s a split 12″ called “Spiegel im Spiegel”. Worth a listen for sure.

    Hope you enjoy yourself.


  4. thanks for the austin info! martin- best NYC mexican spot i’ve encountered is Tacos Matamoros at 45th & 5th in Sunset Park. the zone is also good for music.

  5. If we’re talking Mexican food in Austin, I heartily second Chuy’s, esp the roasted poblanos. !Ay dios mio que rico!

    And the Whole Foods (new) flagship store is worth experiencing too. Surreal in scale, and it’s right around the corner from Waterloo Records to boot — though you wouldn’t know that from Google Maps, which shows a large empty lot where the behemoth market now stands.,+TX&fb=1&ll=30.271827,-97.753258&spn=0.004837,0.008669&t=h&z=17&iwloc=A&om=1

  6. Music Mania thirded.

    As far as Austin Mexican, Chuy’s is good for TexMex (also Matt’s El Rancho, my family’s favorite, weird fifties/sixties boxer-gone-straight James Ellroy style), if you want int. MX try elsewhere, lots of little places around. I like La Michoacana on E 7th (right? can’t remember).

  7. Records:

    Turntable (Near St. Edward’s University)
    3708 Woodbury Dr.
    Austin, TX 78704

    Music Mania (Near Fiesta (38 1/2 St. Exit))
    3909 D North IH 35
    (38 1/2 Street Exit)
    Austin, TX 78722

    3rd Coast (S. 1st and Live Oak)
    2101 South 1st
    Austin, TX

    Backstage Music (East Cesar Chavez)
    2501 E. Cesar Chavez
    Austin, TX 78702


    Azul Tequila. Period. Best food, and a fantastic mariachi band – with a harpist! Don’t be fooled by it’s strip mall location.
    4211 S Lamar Blvd, 78704

    All the other spots were blown out 15 years ago.

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