This Thursday I’ll be DJing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. That sudden world city.

I wrote a longer post but the machine ate it. This song – Berber vocoder mountain pop with dapper strings – has nothing to do with the Persian Gulf.

Najmate el Rif – Diwana (fassiphone)

buyable, sort of. On the cover art below, a woman tries to hide her titillation and subsequent shock upon stumbling into the Slave Leia Appreciation Society. A chunky photoshop chorus unites the gayish singers beneath her.

 La caravane du Rif

3 thoughts on “DUBS”

  1. While you’re there you could make a political statement by demanding that the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCZC) (a UAE government organ) drop its boycott of Israel that’s been in effect since the second intifada.

  2. Man, you should just post that whole album. I’m still caning the Hamid Oussama track you put up here last year… (Couldn’t have described the album cover more beautifully myself, btw)

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